sábado, marzo 31, 2007

Pepino, game boy rock band

My brother Fran passes me a link of a new rock band. Nothing new there, but this time is not just another rock band...

Their name is Pepino and it is formed by just two members: Karawapo, from Spain, and Ai from Japan. Currently located in Japan, they have started to gain some ground in the scene very recently so their popularity is increasing. The interesting thing with them is that their songs are all composed using Game Boy's sound chip synthesizer. Ai sings on an already arranged gameboy tune previously composed by Karawapo. At the same time, Karawapo improvises over the beat.

If you feel curious and want to know how they sound just try some of their songs. They were supposed to have some original songs there but all can I found on their website were a few covers, some of them totally wacky like this cover of Mecano's Maquillaje. Do not expect any professional production, simple is beauty.

Talking about their sound, I would consider them more in the electro-pop wave. With all this fuss of Gameboys, eletro-pop sound and novelty bands the first thing that came to my mind when I listened to them was local band Superputa and their relatively well-known smash-hit Nintendo. Another piece of art you should not miss out!

On summary, I never stop surprising what kind of weird things you might find on the internet. It is really impressive! I feel happy this kind of things exists. My next goal: get a ticket for a Pepino concert. Hope to see you all there!

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ale dijo...

Hey, thanks for caring!
I love Superputa, too. In fact, Xavi organized the festival where pepino first performed.

As for original songs, I'm sorry to find some broken links, but you can check Faster than Time, Jubilación anticipada or Sátan at our virb profile.

And if you are coming to any show, make sure you mail me first!

Diego Pino dijo...

Woah! Thanks for your comment! It is the best feedback I could get, straight from one of Pepino's original members, my pleasure, and so fast! I think trackback it is the best thing that happened to the internet since the hypertext XDDD.

Unfortunately Japan is not a close destination anymore, but I will add "going to a Pepino concert" to the list of things I should do before I die. Email you first, definitely!

iurgir dijo...

Me meo de la risa.
Y yo que pasaba por aquí después de lo de los Yoshida brothers.
Enjoy! ;-P

Efra dijo...

When I could think there's nothing freak enough to impress me, thing like that open your mouth. I Wish I could know where you find this cool impressive things.