jueves, enero 25, 2007

For the right to a decent sex!

Now that I am here in Spain it is going to be my goal to bring you all a glance of how Spain is like, so you can have a better understanding of this country, how we think, etc so in the end, I hope you can also have a better understanding of my behaviour, my character or any other Spaniard you may know.

What I am going to talk today I found it on a friend's blog, macada.net (I also posted a comment, in Spanish). When I read this new I thought: "Woah! this is truly Spanish!!!". As some of you may know, one of the favourite hobbies of Spanish people is demonstrating. I think we borrowed this weird habit from French people, who also love going onto the streets. Basically, the difference between French people and Spanish people is that whereas French people only demonstrate for really important things, or at least something which matters to a significant amount of people, we, on the other hand, tend to demonstrate for every single thing, even if it is something trivia or concerns to a few amount of people. Demostrations have become such common nowadays that even some times I believe they are organized much as a joke.

So here it is the latest sample of what I mean. Next 3th of February in Madrid thousands of youngers will gather in the street to shout out the world they have the rigth to having sex. Their motto: "For the right to a decent sex!" (Por una jodienda digna!).

You may think is a trivia thing, but I honestly believe this topic is the root problem of Spanish society. We can also read in the advertisement : "Fight for your right to having sex every weekend!", and I wonder: "How can young people have become used to having sex just once a week!!???" Well, it is true, Spain on the contrary many people believe, is not a sex paradise. According to my experience, I may say having sex in Spain it is rather difficult (and who says not, is either a foreigner or is a lier). So you all know now, one fuck per week is average rate in Spain. Do not complain later if your Spanish boyfriend can not satisfy you.

Come to think about it, if young people knew what is like having sex every day they will try to leave their parent's home sooner, and not staying there until they turn 30 or more. That's true...the reason young people are afraid of leaving their parent's home is not only because sallaries have increased just 9% in the last 10 years whereas apartaments have increased 130% during the same period of time, it is because we have a lack of sex. How we didn't realized before??? It makes sense. I totally support this demostration, do you??? (girls needed).

martes, enero 23, 2007

Every story has a beginning

Searching for something today on my computer I found something interesting. I don't know what's the reason I kept this at that moment, but I felt longing when I took a look at it again.

It happened on a 12th of July almost two years ago. I remember I couldn't sleep that night, too much pressure on me, all my future depended on whether I were on that list or not. On the next morning, when I went on the internet I couldn't find the damned list. Then I logged on the ICEX website and saw I had been granted my so longed internship. My destination: Hong Kong. It wasn't Tokyo as I wanted, but what the hell...On that moment, I felt like I were the happiest man in the world.

Here is my little tribute to all the trainees who were granted and internship at one of the Spanish Trade Commissions worldwide in 2005. I hope this snapshots can help to bring you back good memories.



From PINO GARCIA, Diego to UBEIRA REGO, Manuel

It is a tough decission to make

Hey! It seems I am updating this blog more than ever...I read once somewhere "In this world there are two kind of persons: those who live a live and those who keep their blog updated". That's interesting...If you don't update your blog that means your life is plenty of wonderful experiences you don't even have time to put them down in writting or simply it means your life is so boring that nobody cares, or it could also mean you are a lazy bitch. Whatever it be...

Still haven't decided 100% sure what I am going to do on the next months. I spoke my mind to my teacher about my concerns about committing myself for 3 years, taking a PhD. To be honest, right now it is not what I feel like the most to do.

Then I received a call from somebody at the Spanish Foreign Trade Institut, also known as ICEX. I was asked if I was interesting in a position working at the IT headquarters in Madrid. Well, bearing in mind that 6 out of 6 trainees who took this position last year finally resigned, the vacancy didn't look very apealling. I don't know why, but when I think of my working experience at the Commission last year thoughts of phones and coffee machines come to my mind. It's like a nightmare. Anyway, I decided to ask for the opinion of some of my colleagues there, and well, I have to say it is not that bad. At least they are travelling and learning something, which is far enough. However, I think working conditions were not conviniant to me having the chance of signing a proper contract, and more important of all, IT support it is not really my cup of tea, although I like. I want to give a try on SW development (perhaps I will be sick of programming in 3 months, but I trust my heart)

On following conversations with my professor, we decided to short down the contract but keep it extensible, so in 6 months time I can decide if I want to continue or in the other hand I want to jump to another thing. When I was about of taking a final decision then I received a call from a third company...What a mess!

It is just like girlfriends. You could be wanking for your whole file, and then when you finally got one, five or more come up.

sábado, enero 20, 2007

Through the looking glass

So you thought I would never update this site. You're wrong! nevertheless I did not start this blog just for relating my adventures in Hong Kong one year ago. This is more like a way for being in contact with those who know me and, from time to time, rather to say very seldom, wander about how I am doing (I have seen no comments on the last three posts). Thanks to this blog, I am always just one-click far away...

Since now I am going to stay here in Spain, I reckon the goal of this site has turned around. I mean, here I am close to relatives and friends and to be honest I still prefer to know about someone having a nice chat with he or she while having a coffee sitting in a quiet coffe-shop, than having to check their blog to see how are they doing, that's only for nerds (truly nerds, I mean). So, in case we haven't met yet since my return, please give me a ring and I rearrange my busy schedule (I wish...) for fitting a meeting with you. You all know how to find me.

So basically, this post is aimed to all my friends abroad, particularly for those I left in Hong Kong. You may wander if have finally returned safely, what I am doing now, and so on...

My return trip was actually quite long, but luckily I didn't miss any conection flight, so everything was, to some extent, OK. I couldn't sleep on the flight, despite having s three-sit row just for me. I tried to lay down on the sits and sleep but no way, I could only take a few naps.

I got to Madrid on 30th December, overnight there thanks to my always kind friend Jano. I got back exacly on the day Barajas Airport terminal four blast took place. Luckily, my flight landed on terminal one. Moreover this cruel attack happened on the morning, whereas I arrived there late at night. Anyway, it was a gloomy view on my welcome-home day. Somehow, it reminded me terrorism is not a fiction but still alive and unfortunately in this case taking away the life of two young male.

On the next day, I flew back to my hometown Vigo, where my family and friends were waiting at the airport to meet me. At night, New Years Eve dinner at my parents cottage in my village and later on party with friends till dawn. As usual on that special day.

The following weeks went slowly...On my first two weeks I hardly could sleep. I found myself rush and fast, always on the move. I got the need of always doing something, of keeping myself busy. Also, the streets seemed to me empty, everything happening at a slow pace, and still have this impression. In a few words, I reckon I experienced a cultural-shock which to be honest I never thought of going through it. I think I am still readjusting myself and it is going to take me a long time...

At this moment I am still wonder what I am going to do next. Most likely I will stay here during this year, that's what I would like and I am going to try it very badly. I also have to take a decission on whether I would like to return to Uni and stay there for three years while researching and getting my Phd or in the other hand, I decide to find my place on the always competitive IT job market. Whatever I finally decide you all guys will be always the second ones on knowing it...just one-click far away.

I seize this opportunity to wish you all a very much happy 2007! (It is going to be hard to be better than 2006, but who knows...)