jueves, enero 25, 2007

For the right to a decent sex!

Now that I am here in Spain it is going to be my goal to bring you all a glance of how Spain is like, so you can have a better understanding of this country, how we think, etc so in the end, I hope you can also have a better understanding of my behaviour, my character or any other Spaniard you may know.

What I am going to talk today I found it on a friend's blog, macada.net (I also posted a comment, in Spanish). When I read this new I thought: "Woah! this is truly Spanish!!!". As some of you may know, one of the favourite hobbies of Spanish people is demonstrating. I think we borrowed this weird habit from French people, who also love going onto the streets. Basically, the difference between French people and Spanish people is that whereas French people only demonstrate for really important things, or at least something which matters to a significant amount of people, we, on the other hand, tend to demonstrate for every single thing, even if it is something trivia or concerns to a few amount of people. Demostrations have become such common nowadays that even some times I believe they are organized much as a joke.

So here it is the latest sample of what I mean. Next 3th of February in Madrid thousands of youngers will gather in the street to shout out the world they have the rigth to having sex. Their motto: "For the right to a decent sex!" (Por una jodienda digna!).

You may think is a trivia thing, but I honestly believe this topic is the root problem of Spanish society. We can also read in the advertisement : "Fight for your right to having sex every weekend!", and I wonder: "How can young people have become used to having sex just once a week!!???" Well, it is true, Spain on the contrary many people believe, is not a sex paradise. According to my experience, I may say having sex in Spain it is rather difficult (and who says not, is either a foreigner or is a lier). So you all know now, one fuck per week is average rate in Spain. Do not complain later if your Spanish boyfriend can not satisfy you.

Come to think about it, if young people knew what is like having sex every day they will try to leave their parent's home sooner, and not staying there until they turn 30 or more. That's true...the reason young people are afraid of leaving their parent's home is not only because sallaries have increased just 9% in the last 10 years whereas apartaments have increased 130% during the same period of time, it is because we have a lack of sex. How we didn't realized before??? It makes sense. I totally support this demostration, do you??? (girls needed).

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zjjllb dijo...

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Charlotte dijo...

Hola carino,

So, regarding French people and demonstrations, we do NOT need to demonstrate for 'decent sex' because we are great and active lovers! No one has NEVER complained about French, am I wrong??!

Then, I thank you in particularly for this information: 'one fuck per week is average rate in Spain. Do not complain later if your Spanish boyfriend can not satisfy you.'
Bon a savoir!



Prash dijo...

Hola mi amigo Diego,

que tal ?

1. Do you really think that the idea of 'demonstrating' or 'protesting' is really wierd ? You know what, only the child which cries will get the food...the one which doesn't not will get nothing.

2. Sex just once a week ? whaaaa...? unimaginable...:-) but trust me, my friend, there are a lots of people in this world who have their first experience only by 30 or something.

3. Whaaa ? having sex is difficult in Spain ? ...no way !!! I don't believe you !!! Maybe it is difficult for you ... for obvious reasons !!! hehehehe *smile*

4. It is really funny to see young people going to the streets asking for people to rise and shine and have more sex...that too young spaniards !!! Really, you guys make me laugh...

Had I been there in Madrid, I would have joined you with all my (girl) friends just for the fun of it...!!!

I really pity your girlfriend (cf: sex once a week).

Diego Pino dijo...

Hey Parsh, nice to see you here. Let me make some input on the topics you mentioned.

1. That is true, but nobody cares about a spoiling child (those who tend to cry every now and then to get what they want).

2. It is a crazy world.

3. I understand...I also believe I am so atractive that girls are afraid to talk to me.

4. Can you imagine the goverment issuing a law on obliging people to have sex at least once a week??? For those who can not get by their own, will the goverment subsidize prostitution??? I can not wait to see that...

Lastly, my girlfriend didnt regard me as a "sex machine" for no reason . We doubled average rate!!! (in other words, we had sex twice a week).

Love your comments guys!!!

Your Girlfriend dijo...

Twice a week....
are you sure Mr. Diego?

Fio dijo...

Previos entries=0 comments
This one dealing with sex=5 comments...

Wow! Lol

Fio dijo...

Pues yo creo que en España no se folla porque tienen en mente el típico rollito yanki de "en la primera cita no se folla" y demás paridas. Yo siempre he defendido que cada cual lo haga cuando le apetezca (sin forzar a nadie, sentiende); si es en la primera (en caso de que haya cita y no sea sexo casual) pues estupendo y si es en la sexta, pues también. El problema no es que haya sexo o no, el problema es que los españoles, pese a practicarlo tan poco (aunque a mí esa media, y no es por ir de sobrada, me parece bajísima) tienen el sexo siempre en mente, y eso choca con esos restos de culpabilidad católica que aún quedan por ahí (lo típico de "la misma boca que me practica una felación no será la que bese a mis hijos"). Si no existiese esa doble moral, todos seríamos más felices.

Prash dijo...

3. You have high imaginations on yourselves...!!!

4. subsidize prositution...mmm...i don't know ! In olden days, certain indian kingdoms in India encouraged (monetaraliy, nowadays we call it financial aid) brothels for many reasons. So if they do, it won't be the first time..but ...i know what u are trying to say ..
oh la la ...

you claim it to be 'twice' a week but somebody seems to say 'nay, it was more'

It is a TMI for me (TMI = Too much of Information).


Finally, Chacha took me to 'bodega' where they played re-mix of 'Juanes' and I had a 'sangria' on the name of certain spanish guys who got into the little head of a beautiful innocent french girl for months.

Sagawa dijo...

Pues yo creo que no se folla porque la gente es gilipollas. Todo el mundo lo desea pero al final, nada. No sé si es lo que dice Fio o que las tías están agilipolladas viendo tanta peli yanki de encontrar a la media naranja y mentiras de esas. Si es que así no se puede.
Sí, estoy rencorizado, que me han dado calabazas. XDDDD (Menos mal que me gusta Helloween :P)