martes, febrero 06, 2007

Un campeón en Lan Kwai Fong

Jesssus!!! I cannot believe it. I found it! at least! and it was pretty amazing how I did it indeed. But first let me tell you the story behing this picture.

De izquierda a derecha: Juan, Alfonso, Clara, Ivan, Fernando, Diego (yo), María Vera

So here we are...This picture was taking on our first days in Hong Kong. If I am not wrong I think it was taken around 9th October 2005, more than a year ago. On that day Alfonso, second from left on the pic, brought us to Lan Kwai Fong to have lunch. I still remember we had malaysian that day, partly because it was my first contact with those annoying pushers on that little alley in LKF where there is a host of Asian restaurants for expats. They were all of the over us, so rude!!!

So, after having lunch, as we went down the street we came across world F1 champion Fernando Alonso. Suddenly, we stared at each other and wonder:
- Wasn't that guy Fernando Alonso?
- Oh yes he is...
- Damned! Let's take a picture!!!

So as he was going up, not very far away yet, I managed to stop him and asking him for a picture after putting some things in context, who we are and stuff. I got the feeling he is a really shy person. I remember he didn't even say a word, just smile.

So from that day on I never saw this photo again. It seems nobody liked it, apparently we were not on our pretty faces here, but I think it is no so bad...

How I found this picture today it is simply another story. The point was that I was uploading some old stuff to flirck, about my time at ICEX in Madrid. Then I decided to try out the tags and performed a search. I searched for "icex" "informatica" and this pic came up as first result. Thank you very much Iurgi!!! It is the power of the Internet!!!

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iurgir dijo...

Ha, ha. Yes amazing how internet works. On the very beginning I was not going to use tags and I was going to put a spider in the blog for blocking google and other search engines. But what the hell! Thank to this someone like you and many others have found me! It's fun.

El feed rss no funcionaba, pero ya me vuelves a salir. Bye.