miércoles, febrero 14, 2007

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

"Porque el amor de por sí no es lo bastante complicado"

Today is 14th February, that means Saint Valentine's Day. It is also my dear friend Agustín's birthday. It is the good thing of having been born on such special day, nobody forgives your birthday.

I know everybody speaks bullshit about how commercial this event is and stuff, but let's to be honest about this, girls particularly love it!!! (I think because girls in general like to received gifts , men too, but a few less). So you guys don't forget today to give a little gift to your loved ones. As for me, I sent a bunch of flowers to my sweetheart Stacey today. Hope you liked it honey!!!

Turning to other topic, the image above is today's webcomic at www.xkcd.com. I just discovered this website a few days ago and I must recognize it is totally hilarious. As its author stands a "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language". If you are in witty and intelligent humour this is definitively your thing, totally recommended. Also about love, I like this one very much (I think because it reminds me a little bit of me...)

"Mi manera habitual de resolver las cosas es inútil aquí¨

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Your Girlfriend dijo...

I love the flowers very much! As much as I miss you my dear!