miércoles, febrero 07, 2007

Do you fancy a Second Life?

Dave Sifry is the CEO of Technoratti, a blog search company regarded as one of the flagships of the Web 2.0 movement.

From 24th till 28th of January World Economic Forum has been held in Davos. Several topics have been on the prowl, and one of them has been Web 2.0, of course. Therefore, the most important world-wide IT CEOs have attended the meeting.

On this interview Dave Sifry is being asked for his opinons on new tendencies on the web and IT in general. As Second Life is on the mouth of everybody now, David couldn't avoid being asked about it. Here is the link. All the interview is worth, but if you are in a little bi of a rush set the player to 8:30 and listen to his remarkable quote. Absolutely lovely!

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Alejandro dijo...

i have an addictive personality, if i were to play things like 2nd life, i wouldnt have time to see my children

i dont have time for my first life, what the heck im gonna do on a second life?

its entertainment, if you play it as something else, it becomes a problem.