lunes, julio 02, 2007

It's only Monday...

There's is a song which continuously beats in my mind at the start of every week. I know there are many songs talking about blue Mondays...but the funny thing with this song is that I have never actually heard it. My friend, and former Dublin flatmate, Dan, hummed it for me once when he once told me about DJ Shadow. We were both excited talking about Australian unique band The Avalanches, and he told if I were fond of The Avalanches I most likely love DJ Shadow.

So today, taking just the only sentence, "It's only Monday...", I could remember from this unknown song and putting it together with DJ Shadow on my search, I found this VC on YouTube.

The song is even better than I remembered. And best of all, the music video is directed by Wong Kar Wai, main actors Chen Chang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and Danielle Graham, a Malaysian supermodel half Chinese, half Irish. Video is dreamily beautiful, as almost all works from Wong Kar Wai, and it really matches with the music. Hope you like it!

domingo, julio 01, 2007

No news is bad news

Against all odds, Spanish mass-media has barely covered the events of the 10th handover anniversary. To make things even worse, official visit of Spanish King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia to mainland China have eclipsed all news from Asia. For instance, on Friday's evening as I was stick to my TV set to see if I could catch any information about the 10th anniversary, the most remarkable new which came from Asia was the gift from China's government to Queen Sofia of two new pandas! No comments.

Luckily, Informe Semanal, one of the most laureated and most veteran TV news programs in Spain, featured a report last Saturday about the anniversary. In "Las dos Almas de Hong Kong" (The two souls of Hong Kong), Asia-based reporter Rosa Maria Calaf, gives us a brief but extensive perspective of Hong Kong nowadays, how it has changed since its return to China, the daily life, what is still left to be done, and what the future has in store for it. I did not miss a thing, great job, although I would like it longer.

Anyway, here is it. My friend and former workmate Steffi shows up on the report, as well as my former boss, Mr. Jose Luis Garcia-Tapia, current Spanish Trade Commissioner in Hong Kong.

PS: Many thanks to Steffi for telling me in beforehand about the report, otherwise I think I had missed it.