martes, enero 23, 2007

It is a tough decission to make

Hey! It seems I am updating this blog more than ever...I read once somewhere "In this world there are two kind of persons: those who live a live and those who keep their blog updated". That's interesting...If you don't update your blog that means your life is plenty of wonderful experiences you don't even have time to put them down in writting or simply it means your life is so boring that nobody cares, or it could also mean you are a lazy bitch. Whatever it be...

Still haven't decided 100% sure what I am going to do on the next months. I spoke my mind to my teacher about my concerns about committing myself for 3 years, taking a PhD. To be honest, right now it is not what I feel like the most to do.

Then I received a call from somebody at the Spanish Foreign Trade Institut, also known as ICEX. I was asked if I was interesting in a position working at the IT headquarters in Madrid. Well, bearing in mind that 6 out of 6 trainees who took this position last year finally resigned, the vacancy didn't look very apealling. I don't know why, but when I think of my working experience at the Commission last year thoughts of phones and coffee machines come to my mind. It's like a nightmare. Anyway, I decided to ask for the opinion of some of my colleagues there, and well, I have to say it is not that bad. At least they are travelling and learning something, which is far enough. However, I think working conditions were not conviniant to me having the chance of signing a proper contract, and more important of all, IT support it is not really my cup of tea, although I like. I want to give a try on SW development (perhaps I will be sick of programming in 3 months, but I trust my heart)

On following conversations with my professor, we decided to short down the contract but keep it extensible, so in 6 months time I can decide if I want to continue or in the other hand I want to jump to another thing. When I was about of taking a final decision then I received a call from a third company...What a mess!

It is just like girlfriends. You could be wanking for your whole file, and then when you finally got one, five or more come up.

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