sábado, febrero 16, 2008


Today I got news from Amir, I didnt know about him since ages, well actually since New Years Eve...

Amir is now living in Japan. I posted about his leaving-away on Gambatte!, although in Spanish. Amir has been always fond of Japan, same as me but I think I cannot compare. On April 2007 he decided to move to Japan prompted by the chance of training with one of the best Aikidou sensei in the world, sensei Hirosawa sensei. At the same time, I know that in the back of his mind his goal was to make his staying longer, as long as he could, and if it were possible permanent. There was too much uncertainty, nothing was really fixed, he did not what he was going to do when he got there, how to get a visa and many many things, but in the end, step by step, little by little, he has been achieving every little task and today it has been almost a year since he has gone and still in Japan, with a working visa, training with Hirosawa and today I received a really good new, he just opened an online manga shop: Export-manga!

Export-manga is run by Amir together with 4 more colleagues. I liked the design, it is very neat and straight-forward. There is not much items yet, but those there look very unique and difficult to find. Besides, there is a kind of blog where Amir posts his experiences in Japan, mostly those related to japanimation and I think thats a plus over other shops. For sure will catch the eye of many users searching not only just for manga and anime. Take a look at it if you have a chance. Unluckily contents are only in Spanish by now, hope an English version will come soon.

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diego dijo...

juashh!! el Amir en japon!! y montando una tienda! que genial :) cuando tenga algo que me haga tilín lo compraré sin dudar :)

Mándale saludos y mucha suerte :)

Fio dijo...

¡Qué guay! ^___^ Si alguna vez lees esto, enhorabuena, Amir :) (yo no compraré que soy una mujer pobre, que no una pobre mujer, pero sí haré publicidad)