jueves, agosto 07, 2008

New geeky blog

As many of you may know, I work in an IT company called Igalia. Igalia's business model is based in free & open-source software, with and strong presence in the Gnome and Maemo communities.

Since I started working there I got accustomed to use blogs almost everyday. We use them as internal communication tool, to keep track of our daily work, etc. We also use wikis to communicate with the outside world, with those which like to keep and eye on the things we do (check our Igalia planet). As common policy, every igalian has a blog.

Although our blogs there are stricly personal, and not necessary express the opinion of Igalia as a company, as a rule of thumb, we tend to publish rather technological news, some related to our work, some to free software, communities, etc.

So from now on, I'll use my blog at Igalia: dIeGo's blog, for publishing technological news, and keep this one for expressing my concerns , complains, or whatever not-geeky thing.

By the way, a few hours to go.... I will try to follow the Open Ceremony tomorrow from CCTV. Wish all my best for China and the Spanish delegation. Hope all you who follow this blog and are still in China can enjoy this great moment in history.

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