lunes, octubre 01, 2007

Amarok Atom Syndication Reader

Here is Amarok Atom Syndication best friend: Amarok Atom Syndication Reader!!!

Last week I saw on a blog a gadget for showing what last songs have you recently played on I use a RSS Reader widget from Blogger to do that with my syndicated Amarok track list, but I was not totally happy.

Google implements a policy on Google Reader for only refreshing caches every hour, the same applies to the Blogger's RSS reader widget. So I made my own widget this weekend using Google Gadgets. It was great fun! I tried Google Gadgets last April and it was good but documentation and work environment are much better now. It is very easy to pick up if you got some knowledge on HTML and Javascript. In addition, Google API provides lost of stuff already implemented like XML reading and easy DOM manipulation.

Here is the result. The best feature is that now contents are refreshed every ten minutes. There still other features I want to add but would do it later. Now I got to publish this on Google Gadget Repository or find a way to make this available to other users who may be interested.

By the way, there is a new version of Amarok Atom Syndication available (now even easier to set up)

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Diego Pino dijo...

I was surprised when searching for "Amarok Atom Syndication" on Google to copy&paste the plugin's description, since I just uploaded version 0.1.5 today, I found the Google gadget reader on the first 10 entries.

Well, the point was that I did not even now that this gadget was available at Google's...

If you want to install it at your iGoogle main page, just click on add gadget and search for "Amarok atom syndication reader". Later, click on "Edit settings" to set the feed address with your own amarok.xml file. Remember it comes on three different colors (red, green and blue), xDDD.