lunes, junio 23, 2008

Around the world

One of the most memorable homemade videos I remember from YouTube is this one of a guy dancing across different places in the world. The guy always stands on the same spot while the background flickers from one place to another, together with the music, makes the whole thing really great.

This guy is Matt Harding. I do not know the details, but it seems all started as a joke while travelling around the world with a friend, as he explains on a lecture (see below). In the beginning, Matt decided to share these shots of stupid dancings with friends and relatives, but the thing spred over and finally his video turned very popular. That happened about two years ago.

A few days ago, Matt published a new 2008 version of the video, covering more than 40 countries, and some of the coolest places in earth.

I like the magic of the original video, but this new one is also fantastic!

Other interesting stuff from Matt:

  • Outakes from original video
  • Matt commenting some of the coolest places he has visited, while travelling at the same time with Google Earth
  • A lecture/speech on how it all started
Where the hell is Matt? (lecture)

Finally, it may have nothing to do, but since talking about traveling around the world, I cannot help recommend you the latest video from rock indie band Death Cab For Cutie: I will possess your heart.

I honestly think that the female character of this video looks like Scarlett Johansson and the video itself reminds me of Lost in Translation (perhaps also because of the style of many different places can you recognize on the video?)

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Muy buenos los videos!

Anónimo dijo...

Btw you can download the videos from youtube using the VideoDownloader addon for firefox 3. Go to the youtube page, let the video download to full, then use the addon to get it.