miércoles, octubre 29, 2008

Last days...

Today we are leaving Belgrade. We left Sofia last Monday, heading for Serbia. It was a big mess to get here indeed, after the bus driver passed through Belgrade and forgot to leave us until we asked him where he should stop. After some arguing, he dropped us off in the middle of a road, having to walk back to Belgrade ourselves. I'll get back to this story on a yet-to-come post.

Belgrade has sincerely surprised me. Sometimes I wonder what can I really get to know spending a few days in a city. Thinking I could really understand what is people like, what are the concerns of Serbians, etc is simply naive. I could even spend a whole year in a country, but as a foreigner my perspective will always be subjective. But I am not ambitious, with these short trips I am just happy having a glimpse of the countries I visit and feeling the spirit of the cities I have been.

Considering that, I found Belgrade people kind and warm-heart. Still not prepared for crows of tourists (which in some way is positive), you can get your way through easily, since people in average can communicate in English (at least those we dare to talked with). Lastly, despite walking the streets carrying our bags and with a bag in our hands, in a very tourist way, we were more than once mixed up with locals, which is a kind of flattery, at least for me.

Today we are leaving. I wouldn't mind come back to Serbia again in the future. I got the feeling I am missing many things to see here... Next stop: Skopjia.

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Diego F. Goberna dijo...

:OOO vaya viajecito os estais dando!! que gozada, qué bien suena.. disfrutad! ...no hace frio?

Me recordais a los concursantes de un programa de Quatro que hay ahora, que tienen que ir desde españa a China, con 1 euro al día, haciendo autoestop y pidiendo alojamiento.. espero que tengais más presupuesto :D

un saludo!