lunes, octubre 06, 2008

Restless and young

"Young & Restless in China" is a documentary from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) ) about the life of 9 youngsters and their efforts to strive in blooming mainland China.

The documentary spans over 4 years, starting from 2004, when viewers are given a brief introduction to all the characters: who are they, what's their background and what they expect for their future. Two years later the documentary gets back to them and see how they have been doing. Some got better, others settled with almost no progress, while for others life has totally changed.

I loved the idea of approaching to today's daily life in mainland China through the stories of these 9 characters. Their doubts and hopes are the same as most of young Chinese people, as I could see in them the lives of others I came across in China, mostly anonymous people I never got to meet. I think everyone who had experienced China as it is nowadays will like this documentary. Those of you who are just simply curious to know how real Chinese people do and live, those who have ever wander how much of real is behind that facade of macro-economic prosperity which never seems to end...I hope this documentary may satisfy you inquiries, and raise others as well. Watch it, it's worth a view.

Lastly, some of the quotes I liked the most:

"The spiritual side of China is changing from a very ideal world, from the Maoism time- you know, serve the people and work for others- to an extreme, get rich as fast as you can and have a good life."

"China has a survey called the "Happiness Index." In China, the Happiness Index is practical. When Chinese talk about happiness, it's about whether they can afford the things they want to buy."

"After the June 4th incident, I decided to move to Shenzhen. There was only one reason. I decided that politics is quite a risky and scary business."

"My family's poverty depresses me, makes me ashamed, even desperate. I don't dare have any ideas or ideals."

"China is like a kid from a poor family going into a candy store. He's been hungry for a long time and he'll grab a lot of candy. Even if he has filled his pockets and mouth, he still wants more. But when a rich kid who has candy all the time comes in, he only takes what he wants."

NOTE: Those of you following the presidential elections in the U.S, do not miss out this other documentary: "The Choice 2008" also from PBS. Available on October, 14th.

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