lunes, diciembre 22, 2008

Having a walk through Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road is a central street in Hong Kong, located at the Soho neighbourhood in Central area. Reaching upwards from Queen's Road West to the top part of Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's most famous leisure area, Hollywood Road is full of antique & art shops, some the most popular pubs and discos: exclusive Dragon-I, and Alfonso's favourite Homebase...and even you could find on your way one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong island, Manmo temple, were deities worshipped either by policemen and gangsters rest. There are also tacky shops sellng mainland Chinese merchandising, and even some hawkers scattering their stuff on the ground trying to sell something. Near it's surroundings there are many small stalls selling fruits, food, and stuff. Yes stuff, I remember one shop almost at the cross with Possession Street, full of scam in a completely mess (if I was not in China I'd think that is impossible). Lastly, I feel kind of obliged to mention Club 71, our common place of reunion. Definitively, a truly Hong Kong landmark.

General view of a parallel street to Hollywood Road at Soho

Going down through one of the many alleys that criss-crossed Hollywood Road

Man Mo Temple indoors

It happens that Hollywood Road was the first place were I lived when I moved to Hong Kong. Today, while having lunch, I stumble upon this report from CNN Hong Kong's corresponsal Hugh Riminton. On the video, Riminton analyses the impact of the global economic downturn in small business in Hong Kong, focusing particularly in business placed along Hollywood Road (consider that all of them are luxurious shops). Hollywood Road is also a very turistic place, with a wide range of art and crafts products for sale. I passed through many times the first shop, staring at its glass-window but never got in there :) I think it was the shop near Pacific Place coffee shop (which later closed down I think).

Watch the video: "Hong Kong art feels pinch"

Middle of Hollywood Road, at this spot is the zebra cross Riminton crosses at the beginning of the video

This report brought so many good memories. Summarizing the things you can find near and around Hollywood Road, I never realized there were so many landmarks. Other day I promise to upload a video showing my luxury flat. A 13 feet (not as a standard feet, but my own feet) depth "apartment". Jesus even my current bedroom is deeper.

Recently I moved to a flat in Pontevedra (where I work), pretty near to the city center. After this I started thinking whether I have a special taste for centrical places...I would rather say no, it's just coincidence, hehehe.

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