miércoles, febrero 25, 2009

London calling

Next Thursday I will be attending a software conference in London: Software Craftsmanship, hold at the BBC Media Center.

It's a conference about Agile methodologies and test-driven development I know, buzz words. In case you want to know more about it, please check the following links:
Surprisingly it's going to be my first time in London, which in addition means one new spot in my Facebook map :) As I told a friend today, most people when go to London feel excited about seeing Buckingham Palace, or getting to London Eye. The only thing I have done so far was locating some good Chinese/Japanase restaurants and the Chinatown, hahaha. Well, after the conference, I think I will have time enough for planning a nice route around the city. Any recommendations will be more than welcomed. Actually, I want to take a one-day trip to Oxford or Cambridge.

And worst of all, tomorrow is a bank holiday in Pontevedra, and my flatmate has just convinced me of going out tonight. She finally twisted my arm. I just hope I wake up tomorrow on time (I suddenly started thinking of my old friend Dan and his failed trip to Paris...)

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