domingo, febrero 01, 2009

Medicines, no fakes (part II)

On a previous post, Medicine, no fakes, I reviewed the poisoned milk scandal that shocked China last summer. With that post (in Spanish) I wanted to highlight the lack of regulation in mainland China as well as the low requiring standard that population demands on goods and products. At the same time, I took the chance to make a sour critic to the vast majority of the Western media that covered the new. Their opinion tended to be superficial, being eager to criticize a country which they barely understand how it works.

Last week Chinese justice came up with a final verdict. As an outcome, two of the responsibles have been sentenced to death and another jailed for life. Maybe they are just scapegoats...If there is anyone to blame firstly is the government for having silence the incident as the Olympics were approaching. The first baby died on July 6th and only till middle August when a New Zealand milk company complained, the production was stopped.

To add injury to the insult, just four years before another baby milk scandal ashamed the country as 13 babies passed away this time for being feed with milk with no nutrious value. At that time, the government promised to make milk safe, but that never happened.

Last January 23th, BBC podcast "From Our Own Correspondent" covered this piece of news, reviewing all the events around it from the very beginning to the recent judgment. It's maybe the best analysis I listened or read about the scandal. You can find it here (it lasts just for the first quarter of the program). It's worth listen it.

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