martes, abril 07, 2009

Dancing with the Mac

Maybe some of you have heard of or watched a TV program where a couple consisted of a dancer and a famous person or celebrity show their abilities at dancing in front of the audience. Here in Spain it's called "Mira quien baila", but it most widely known as "Dancing with the stars".

Today listening to the latest BBC podcast from Digital Planet. I had the chance of listening an interview with Steve Wozniak precisely about his experience on the American version of "Dancing with the stars" aired at ABC channel.

For those of you who are not familiar with Steve Wozniak, he is the co-founder of Apple together with Steve Jobs. Whereas Jobs has been considered the mind of Apple, Wozniak is regarded as the technician, gurú or hacker , as you prefer, behind the early products of Apple, the Apple I and Apple II.

On the interview he confess he was reluctant about taking the proposition of "Dancing with the stars" in the beginning, but he was convinced later by friends. After his experience there, he admits he likes dancing very much now, and it's one of the funniest things he have ever done in life.

I have to recognize he seems to dance certainly well on the videos, better than what I could expect from a person of his background, you know, nerds don't tend to be good at anything that implies physical effort.

Take a look at the videos and draw your own conclusions.

First program out of four

Nerds can dance!

The radio interview it's also worth. There is funny anecdote Wozniak comments during the interview. Whenever he goes to an Apple store and asks for the employee discount, if the attendant doesn't get to recognize him and asks him for his employee number, he replies "Employee number 1" (although he formally left Apple in 1997, he has kept some kind of advisor position at Apple and also his employee number position as employee number 1).

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