domingo, abril 12, 2009

Easter holidays in Madrid

I just returned from Madrid, where I spent part of my Easter holidays visiting friends.

The idea was meeting Victoria in Madrid, who was coming from HK to visit Spain and Paris for two weeks. Going two Madrid just for two days sounded like a crazy idea in the beginning. I thought a flight ticket for those days, right in the middle of the holidays, would be a bit overpriced, but fortunately it was just totally the opposite. Good for me.

As usual Jano kindly hosted me at his place, which it's turning into some kind of habit whenever I go to Madrid. Happy to see him again and chat and gossip about many geeky things.

On Friday night I met Victoria and Álvaro, and we all went together to a Japanase restaurant a Japanese friend had recommended me, Donzoko, close to Puerta del Sol. Fortunately it looked less tacky than what I read on some reviews on the internet, and the food tasted like authentic Japanese food, which for me it's more than enough. It was a charming dinner, I really enjoyed it, although I felt sorry bringing Victoria to a Japanese restaurant in Spain :P, but I'm glad to know Alvaro fixed that with some tapas and red wine the days before.

Then on Saturday, we met Vera at Gran Via. While we were walking the avenue and passed by Lope de Vega theater, Victoria was curious about the show. It was Sara Baras' "Carmen", we checked for any tickets available, and went in, the show was about to start. What it seemed a hasty decision turned to be into a savvy decision, at least I was very happy with the show, and I think the others too. It was also my first time at a flamenco show, which again proofs that, as the saying goes, "No man is a prophet in his own land".

Victoria and Vera at Lope de Vega theather

Sara Baras' "Carmen"

Later at night we met Jose Carlos and Álvaro and went for dinner at Chueca but this time for a more typical Spanish dinner. There was lots of chatting and laughs, and the dishes tasted very good. After that we went for a last drink, and wave good bye till the next time.

It has been two wonderful days full of chats and catching up with old friends. I had a really good time, it was great to see you all again. Hope we can make it again.

The bear and the strawberry tree, symbol of Madrid

Dinner at Chueca

PS: As usual no photos in Facebook yet, till I devise a way for uploading pics from Linux or re-install Windows in my laptop, whatever it happens first. (I already discard Facebook fixes their upload pic plugin in the meantime, shame on them).

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iurgir dijo...

Good old friends gathering.
Que bueno! Nunca sabes lo que los precios de los tickets de avión te van a ofrecer.