domingo, febrero 14, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Today starts the celebrations for Chinese New Year (a.k.a Lunar New Year), which this year coincides with the Carnival celebrations as well as San Valentines Day. Since the date for CNY depends on the phases of the moon, dates vary from one year to another.

This year is the year of the tiger. Here are some traits that characterize this Chinese zodiac sign:

"The Tiger (associated with good fortune, power, and royalty), is viewed with both fear and respect; hence, their protection and wisdom is sought after. Many people believe the tiger, and not the lion, as the true king of beasts."


Wikipedia has some more information. By the way, it seems Spain is on the list of countries favoured by the sign of the Tiger. Does it mean this will be a lucky year for us, Spaniards? I wonder how...In addition, I love the motto: "I win" (I should make it mine :P).

Same as last year, me and some friends organized a dinner at a Chinese restaurant for celebrating CNY. Unfortunately this year Ada couldn't make, since she is in HK these days, so we missed our little Chinese community as welll as some other friends. But anyway, it was good, and in fact the food was really nice, definitively better than last year. The restaurant already had a CNY menu (wantan soup, jiaozu, sea bass, etc) and it was completely full. I don't know if it was a coincidence or not, but it seems more and more people is becoming aware of this date and like to celebrate it. There were even some people wearing Chinese clothes which is one of the many traditions during CNY (more precisely, the tradition is to wear a brand-new piece of Chinese clothes for welcoming the new year). Seeing the staff of the restaurant disguised as tigers, as this year CNY coincides with Carnival, was priceless :) That was pretty much Chinese style.

Regarding to the year or the tiger, last 3th of February me and Kazu (together with Seiyi-chan) attended to a party organized by the students of Japanese at Official Language School of Vigo. It was the day of setsubun, an important event in the Japanese calendar as it marks the beginning of the spring (risshun). Weeks before, the Department of Japanese organized a Nengajoo contest. Nengajoo are Japanese New Year's greetings postcards. Traditionally these postcards were sent on the first day of the Lunar New Year, however Japan switched to Gregorian calendar more than one century ago. Here's a video with the winers from this year, the topic: The Year of Tiger, of course :)

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Javier I. Sampedro dijo...

Feliz año del tigre ;) esperemos que vayan bien las cosas por España. La verdad que no vendría mal para subir la moral.

Un saludo!

iurgir dijo...

Feliz año nuevo!
Vestidito de chino recibiendo sobrecitos rojos y soltando buenos augurios ^__^