sábado, mayo 17, 2008

Artist cloud

Today I went back to do some Google Gadget hacking for Amarok Atom Syndication.

Amarok Atom Syndication Reader is fine for knowing what I have been recently playing on my Amarok, but enlarging the list does not make it look neat, so in the end, I am just showing the latest 7 entries of my play-list.

I wanted to have a look of what I have been recently playing with a glimpse of an eye. So, I thought of the convenience of tag clouds and came up with the idea of an artist/band cloud. Pretty easy, grabbing the Atom xml file of my recent tracks played, grab nodes by tag name, count them, assign them an style depending of their relevance and fill up the html view via DOM.

Every band links to Seeqpod. I find it very useful at work when I do not know what to listen to, I grab the list, peek at what I listened to the day before (lately I tend to tune last.fm tag radios), and create a playing list in Seeqpod.

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