jueves, mayo 22, 2008

Export manga on the media

Today's El Pais newspaper feature, on its supplement Cyberpais, an interview with Amir Najjari and Bernardino Todolí, founders of manga and japanese young culture website Export-manga.

It's not the first time I talk about Export Manga on the blog, but to summarize a bit, the story goes like this: Amir, who is a good friend of mine, decided finally to move to Japan, despite not been quite sure of what he was going to do there... But, being in such of love with Japan it was something that eventually he had to do.

Maybe it was fate or not, but during his staying there he met Bernardido, a computer engineer and also a devoted Aikido student. Together they have bring Export Manga to life.

Export Manga is thought as something more than just an online manga shop. That's not something new, that's not fresh, the internet is plenty of shops selling things, and for that, ebay does a pretty good job. But, what makes Export Manga special, and it is honestly one of things I like the most, is the community build around the shop.

Trust is key to business. If you want your users to use your services, if you want your customers to be satisfied, they have to trust you. Putting in sale thousands of products, or competing in prices are not going to make you special, that won't build trust.

On the other hand, caring about your customers, listening to their requests, let them participate in chats, in forums, bring them news from the very heart of Tokyo, keep them up to date with the latest, showing them how is the real Japan featuring reports, online videos...that will make them feel special, that's building a community, and that will build up trust.

Please guys, keep on doing the good job!

This is some of the interesting stuff you may find at Export Manga

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