domingo, mayo 11, 2008

More on Amarok Atom Syndication

Finally, after a couple of weeks of hard work I managed to tune up Amarok Atom Syndication and release a new version (V0.2.0).
Amarok Atom Syndication lets you share your music taste with your friends by syndicating (Atom file format) the music you are currently listening to the net.

It uses Google Page Creator to store Atom files.

In combination with a web aggregator you can consume, later on, this file and let your friends know what tracks you have been recently playing in Amarok.
Amarok is popular music player for KDE (GNU/Linux OS). On this version, I added a flash new GUI setup menu. No longer edit and setup text files, which seemed a nuisance for non-experienced users. A GUI interface is something I was longing for a long time ago. While we are still waiting for the perlqt-bindings for QT4.0, I used the perlqt-bindings for Qt3.0.

In the run that has been from the 0.1.0 release to this one, I have been basically polishing code and fixing bugs, thanks specially to some users who gave me feedback. I think that's key part for an open-source project, since most of them start as a need for scratching your own itch, feedback makes software evolve and mature, turning in something useful for other users.

At this moment, I think there are little features I could add to AAS in the future, since this project is quite small and the functionality it tries to comply is clearly defined. So, for the future I just expect to keep on fixing bugs (when reported), and once the code becomes pretty stable release a definitive 1.0 version.

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