lunes, enero 26, 2009

Kung hei fat choy (part II)

The weekend is over, so as our Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday.

As I stated on my previous post (in Spanish), for this year me and my friend Ada, a hongkonger living here, decided to arrange a CNY dinner gathering together friends from the Chinese community and other local friends. We ended up being a big bunch of people, I think around 18 in total, enough to fill two medium size round tables.

There were some traditional dishes from Chinese New Year. Ada personally managed to talk to the chief on how to cook certain dishes, as some of the few we had were actually specialities of Guangdong province as lotus root with ribs, or spicy shrimps (the cook is from Hangzhou). We also have yuenbao, of course (it's basically jiaozi, a very common kind of dumpling, although Chinese people change its name to yuenbao during the CNY, which means money), stuffed thicked rice (what the japanese call mochi) and tangerines for dessert, also a kind of tradition during these celebrations.

I really had a great time meeting new people, particularly those Spanish-Chinese couples, hearing their experiences and sharing anecdotes. The food was also good, refreshing my memory with some dishes I had even forgotten they existed was priceless. Then it came the toasts, over and over again, standing up yelling kampei! and wishing everybody a happy new year. All the people in the restaurant looked at us. Maybe it was I was surrounded by Chinese people or maybe it was that I feel this celebration as something already mine, but I didn't feel any stupid. Kung hei fat choy!

LtR: Me, Servando, Kazu, Noelia, Inid (Xin Xuen) and Singapurean lady (sorry, forgot her name :P)

We were splitted in two tables. Here, Ada and some of her friends

Shin nian kueila!

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to Ada for her HK efficiency on organizing this event and taking care of every subtle detail.

Update: Here are the pics! (just two more :P, if I manage to get some more I will upload them later).

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Cygnus dijo...

"Ada and some of her friends": the perfect way to avoid writing "Ada and the people whose name I can't recall / with whom I didn't have the chance to talk to / with whom there was very little interaction" xD. Hey, thanks a lot for setting up this little get-together, I appreciate it. And thanks for those whacky Mario Kart races, too. We did beat the CPU hands down over and over again, dude!

Diego Pino dijo...

OK, You got me :)

It was fun, hope this become a kind of tradition.

As for the Mario Kart racing, we have to arrange something on the internet. If someone else wants to joins, I would be glad to beat him/her anytime :)

Cygnus Nazca dijo...

But you don't have wi-fi at home, right? It'd be awesome to compete with hongkoners, some sort of international competition. Give me your friend code! Mine is:

Diego F. Goberna dijo...

Hehehe, tan bien las fotos. Curioso, la chica de raza occidental viste como oriental, y las orientales visten como occidentales.. :D

Diego Pino dijo...

@Goberna: Es verdad, había otro chico occidental (no sale en la foto) que iba vestido con una chaqueta china, su novia taiwanesa en cambio iba vestida normal.

En año nuevo chino, la tradición dice que hay que vestir ropas nuevas, generalmente alguna prenda tradicional china. Yo pensé en llevar un chaqueta china, pero luego pensé...a ver si voy a dar el cante...hehehe

Diego Pino dijo...

Here goes my Mario Kart DS friend code, just in case someone happened to peer at these comments: